Let us revo­lu­tion­ize the men­strual world together!

Vul­vani is a digital edu­ca­tion plat­form all around men­stru­ation, sexu­al­ity and female health. Through inter­act­ive online courses, our online magazine as well as social media chan­nels, people can play­fully close know­ledge gaps about the female body. We want to provide impulses that make you start ques­tionin­ing the status quo instead of provid­ing uni­ver­sal solutions. 


Our vis­ion is that every per­son has the oppor­tun­ity to learn about their body. Vulvani’s goal is to nor­mal­ize taboo top­ics through enter­tain­ing edu­ca­tion in order to empower people and cre­ate inclus­ive societies.

Vul­vani is to become the global hub for know­ledge and edu­ca­tion around the (female) body. We are a cent­ral hub where many dif­fer­ent voices become aud­ible and vis­ible and share their know­ledge. Every­one should have the pos­sib­il­ity to learn more about their own body.

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Our Story

We are Britta and Jamin. Together we have set the goal of improv­ing the per­cep­tion of peri­ods in soci­ety and mak­ing the actual men­stru­ation of all men­stru­at­ing people as pleas­ant, simple and sus­tain­able as pos­sible.

Britta has been involved with the topic from an early age, albeit mostly invol­un­tar­ily. At the age of 13 she got her period for the first time in a cinema in Ber­lin and far away from home. She wasn’t pre­pared for it, nor did she have any­one to con­fide in. And not because no one was with her, but rather because the sub­ject was so uncom­fort­able to her that she pre­ferred to keep it to herself.

Britta has been going abroad again and again for a couple of months, so she has already gained a lot of exper­i­ence of how men­stru­ation is handled and viewed in dif­fer­ent coun­tries around the world: from plastic tam­pon tubes in the United States to self-sewn, herb-soaked fab­ric pads that were washed on full moon in Cent­ral Amer­ica. At that time she found all this very strange and even had the tried and tested Ger­man tam­pons sent to her. Today she her­self is the ‘herb aunt’ with the fab­ric panty liners and would like to tell every­one about free bleed­ing.

It’s a match!

Two fin­ger­swipes to the right led to Britta and Jamin find­ing each other. Jamin was imme­di­ately fas­cini­ated by Britta’s idea to bring the men­strual topic more into the pub­lic eye and it didn’t take them long to know that they wanted to make a long-last­ing con­tri­bu­tion together – Vul­vani was born. As an exper­i­enced founder, Jamin ensures that everything runs smoothly at Vul­vani, from fin­ances to IT and logist­ics. He also takes the beau­ti­ful pho­tos for us and keeps Britta’s back clear so that she can con­cen­trate fully on bring­ing Vulvani’s concept and mis­sion to live. She researches, writes and designs all the con­tent – from social media or blog art­icles to the innov­at­ive online courses. She also sup­ports the Vul­vani com­munity

The pro­ject star­ted in Octo­ber 2019. In the fol­low­ing months they moved to South Amer­ica to able to fully focus on Vul­vani and the real­iz­a­tion of their ideas and goals. How­ever, their choosen home is and will remain Ham­burg in Ger­many. If you’re in the mood for more ‘hard’ facts, you’re more than wel­come to con­nect with them on LinkedIn (links below) or simply browse through their CVs!

‘I stand on the sac­ri­fices of a mil­lion women before me think­ing: What can I do to make this moun­tain taller so the women after me can see farther?’

Rupi Kaur (Leg­acy)




Per­sonal motiv­a­tion
Even as an edu­cated woman, I have only in recent years dealt more intens­ively and above all more con­sciously with my own men­stru­ation. This was pro­voked by longer stays abroad in Cent­ral Amer­ica, where access to men­strual products was not always guar­an­teed. I have thereby crit­ic­ally ques­tioned my own prac­tices, tried out new meth­ods and star­ted to talk more openly about peri­ods with dif­fer­ent people. These con­ver­sa­tions and the res­ult­ing know­ledge about the ignor­ance of altern­at­ives in a sup­posedly edu­cated and open soci­ety made me think. It sparked in me the interest to deal more deeply with the topic and to change some­thing. For I find it import­ant that spe­cific top­ics such as men­stru­ation are given a loud voice and that gender issues thus come to the fore in pub­lic dis­courses.
Through Vul­vani, I want to reduce pre­ju­dices against men­stru­ation through edu­ca­tion, pro­mote long-term social dia­logues about the sub­ject and thus make a con­tri­bu­tion to a more just world. I hope that Vul­vani will become an example of how we can stand up for nat­ural needs and the empower­ment of all men­stru­at­ing people.





Per­sonal motiv­a­tion
My strengths lie in advan­cing ideas and vis­ions, not in recog­niz­ing social and polit­ical prob­lems. How­ever, this does not mean that I do not recog­nize prob­lems when they are shown to me. I want to invest my time and exper­i­ence in pro­jects that enable people to live a bet­ter, more beau­ti­ful and dig­ni­fied life. It is here that Britta has iden­ti­fied a prob­lem that has gone unnoticed for a long time.  Mean­ing that we can apply our respect­ive strengths to fit per­fectly together.
As a man and non-men­stru­at­ing per­son, you gen­er­ally have very little to do with the sub­ject of men­stru­ation. Rather, the moon time is seen as a time in which the woman is more moody or emo­tion­ally charged, has pain and as a man you can’t “get it on”. I am a very inter­ested per­son and am not afraid to speak openly about sup­posedly taboo top­ics. The many con­ver­sa­tions with Britta have shown me how many chal­lenges almost 50% of human­kind face every month and that there is still a lot of need for more inform­a­tion once you know how easy and uncom­plic­ated your men­stru­ation can be. I encour­aged Britta that we should start some­thing together in this area and shortly after Vul­vani was born.


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