Free­bies for you: Cycle work­book & Vulva col­or­ing book

We can prob­a­bly all learn a lit­tle more about our bod­ies or cycles, right? To help you brush up on your knowl­edge in a fun and easy way, we’re giv­ing you our vulva col­or­ing book and cycle work­book – both dig­i­tal ver­sions. So what are you wait­ing for? In a few sec­onds you could be cre­at­ing unique vul­vas or learn­ing about the inner sea­sons aka cycle phases. Have fun read­ing & painting!

WORKBOOK: A look inside your cycle

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A look inside your cycle

Do you want to finally under­stand your body, your mood swings and your men­strual cycle bet­ter? Then we have just the thing for you! Our free work­book “A look inside your cycle” is the per­fect start towards more cycle aware­ness. Learn to read your body in just 5 steps – includ­ing 7 jour­nal ques­tions. Because one thing is for sure: It’s bet­ter to live in har­mony with your own body than to con­stantly fight against it.

Col­or­ing book: Style your Vulva!


Style your Vulva

Or do you want to be cre­ative and design dif­fer­ent vul­vas with our free col­or­ing book “Style your vulva”? Decide on a hair­style, color the vulva lips and think about what spe­cial fea­tures the vulva might have. Pierc­ings, scars, moles? There are no lim­its to your cre­ativ­ity. And if you run out of ideas, just grab a hand mir­ror and see what your own vulva really looks like and paint it.


How can you get the vulva col­or­ing book and the cycle workbook?

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