The Men­strual ABC by Vulvani

In this glos­sary you will find men­strual knowl­edge from A for ade­no­myosis to Z for zero waste.

Men­strual ABC

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There are cur­rently 2 names in this direc­tory begin­ning with the let­ter N.
Nat­ural fam­ily plan­ning (NFP)
Includes all con­tra­cep­tive meth­ods that do not affect hor­mones or the body in gen­eral. There are there­fore no side effects. Nat­ural con­tra­cep­tive meth­ods are based on the men­strual cycle and deter­mine both the fer­tile and infer­tile days of a men­stru­at­ing per­son. Fer­til­i­sa­tion of the egg is pre­vented with­out the help of arti­fi­cial hor­mones. Exam­ples of hor­mone-free con­tra­cep­tion include the symp­to­her­mal method, tem­per­a­ture method, cycle com­puter or bar­rier methods.

Peo­ple whose gen­der iden­tity lies out­side the binary gen­der sys­tem and who iden­tify nei­ther as a man nor as a woman (e.g. queer)

Your glos­sary all about menstruation

In our Men­strual ABC you will find short and easy expla­na­tions of col­lo­quial expres­sions and med­ical terms relat­ing to men­stru­a­tion, hor­mone-free con­tra­cep­tion and the anatomy of the gen­i­tals. Here you will find men­strual knowl­edge from A for ade­no­myosis to Z for zero waste men­stru­a­tion.
Are you still miss­ing impor­tant terms in our glos­sary or have we explained some­thing not quite under­stand­able? Then send us a mes­sage with your ideas and feed­back so that we can make the Men­strual ABC even more com­pre­hen­sive and com­plete together.

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