March 8th has many names. The day is clas­sic­ally known as Inter­na­tional Women’s Day. Inter­na­tional Womxn’s Fight­ing Day describes today in my view per­haps a little bet­ter. Because it is not a cosy day on which womxn are given flowers and we are all moment­ar­ily happy that we are a womxn. Rather it is about gender equal­ity and for that we unfor­tu­nately still have to fight every day! So much has been achieved and yet it is still not enough. At first glance the world is open for us today. But the road ahead of us is still rocky and quite long. And we can only achieve this together: let us sup­port and empower each other – not only today, but every day! Let us be loud.

Why is there an Inter­na­tional Womxn’s Fight­ing Day?

No mat­ter what you decide to call today. No mat­ter what name you like best. Because all that mat­ters is that the day exists. The first World Womxn’s Day* was cel­eb­rated in March 1911 and since 1921 it has taken place annu­ally. At that time, there was a lot of fight­ing for womxn’s right to vote, which was intro­duced in Ger­many in 1918. And next year we will already cel­eb­rate the 100th anniversary of the World Womxn’s Day! It is now a day that reminds us all that many people before us have fought for our rights and stood up for us. We cel­eb­rate the achieve­ments that people before us have already achieved. But that is not enough. The poem by Rupi Kaur is a beau­ti­ful call to join and also make our our con­tri­bu­tion towards more gender equal­ity. Because every­one can make a dif­fer­ence so that we can look into a brighter future.

On the streets of Berlin

Since last year the March 08 is a pub­lic hol­i­day in Ber­lin, Ger­many. The Inter­na­tional Womxn’s Fight­ing Day is also a pub­lic hol­i­day in coun­tries such as Cam­bodia, Uganda or Geor­gia. And that is great! Because this way the day gets more atten­tion. So it’s a per­fect day to go out on the streets, demon­strate and stand up for more gender equal­ity and equal rights for all. At a demon­stra­tion we can let free our anger, show solid­ar­ity and above all shout our demands into the world. Because it is import­ant to be loud! This year the demon­stra­tion also included a period bloc to fight for more men­strual equity and to break the taboo around men­stru­ation.

Grate­ful for my per­sonal environment

I am incred­ibly lucky to be sur­roun­ded by won­der­ful and inspir­ing womxn of all ages in my life. It is a priv­ilege to know such strong per­son­al­it­ies and to share my time with them. When I look at my per­sonal social life, I look optim­ist­icly into the future. Because with so much power, cour­age and joy of life, things can only get bet­ter and together we are strong.

Let us celebrate 

Every year the United Nations defines a theme for World Women’s Day* and this year the theme is “Each for Equal”. Today is our day. Let us cel­eb­rate it, but not with flowers and cham­pagne. Rather, let us cel­eb­rate the gender equal­ity we have already achieved so far, and let us act­ively engage with each other to make our world a little more equal and more beau­ti­ful for all of us every day – regard­less of which gender feels like home to us.

Britta Wiebe, period education, Vulvani
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Britta Wiebe is the co-founder of Vul­vani. She loves research­ing, writ­ing and design­ing new art­icles or innov­at­ive edu­ca­tional con­cepts about men­stru­ation all day long. When she is not trav­el­ling the world, she enjoys spend­ing time with her loved ones in the beau­ti­ful city of Ham­burg in Germany.