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A healthy menstrual cycle is worth sooo much....

Cycle awareness as a superpower

We guide you back to your body. In this online course you will learn how to live more creatively, happier and stress-free through more cycle knowledge and mindfulness. Because we can tell you one thing: It’s better to live in harmony with your own body than to constantly fight against it. We show you how to use your menstrual cycle as your own personal superpower – for you, your well-being and your productivity. This online course offers a unique blend of videos, workbooks and exercises to help you connect with your body in new and loving ways.

The look into your cycle

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The trend topic par excellence

Learn Free Bleeding

In this online course, you’ll learn how to make your period part of the solution, not the problem – make your period more enjoyable through self-care, body awareness and free bleeding. You’ll learn how you and your period can become a cool team with the same goal: to menstruate freely and self-determined.

Design your period so that you feel good every day. Self-care instead of overwhelm. Are you ready to learn Free Bleeding and experience your periods in a new way?

What you can expect...

Triff selbstbestimmte Entscheidungen

Learn the critical skills and strategies to bring more energy, ease and well-being into your life - holistically and on your terms.

Everything is connected

Your menstrual cycle affects your whole life - and with it your feelings, relationships or work. Learn to put all the pieces together into a beautiful puzzle.

Get to know yourself completely new - from A-Z

Take care of you and your cycle with our insightful online courses and content. The result? You feel good about your body and have fewer mood swings.

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Online Magazine

In our online magazine we regularly publish new articles and interviews about menstruation, cycle health & sexuality. Sometimes informative, sometimes socially critical, sometimes with good tips. But always honest! In the interview series Menstruation around the world, for example, you'll learn about menstruation experiences from people all over the world. Have fun reading!

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Online Courses

This is all about you and your body. Vulvani Academy is a safe space. You can start at any time. Exciting online courses like 'Learn Free Bleeding', 'Cycle Awareness as Superpower' or 'Yoga for Your Cycle' are waiting for you.

hängendes blutiges Tampon und unbenutzes Tampon

Vulvani Gallery

This is primarily interesting for content creators. We want to share our favorite photos with you completely free of charge. The menstruation taboo doesn't get rid of itself.

Get to know Vulvani: Britta & Jamin

Our vision is that every person has the opportunity to learn more about their own body. Vulvani’s goal is to normalize taboo topics through fun education to empower people and create inclusive societies.


The platform you’ll love. Vulvani helps you make your period the solution – not the problem!

Learn to make your menstrual cycle work for you, for your well-being, or for your productivity. We’ll show you how you and your menstrual cycle can become a great team. If you want to finally understand your period symptoms, mood swings, and cycle peculiarities better, you’ve come to the right place! Create your profile in minutes right from your phone and start your first online course right away. We are looking forward to meeting you! Let’s explore your body!

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