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Learn how you and your menstrual cycle can be the perfect team in our online courses. For greater well-being, more productivity and fewer mood swings.

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I am Britta, your expert for the cycle and menstruation

Through my practice of Free Bleeding, I finally came to cycle awareness via Natural Family Planning (symptothermal method). It’s a wonderful little adventure journey that I’ve been on since then with my menstrual cycle and getting to know myself better and better.
Understanding the different phases of your cycle and your period is a special way to approach your own health, well-being, productivity, creativity or even fertility – and that’s what I want to share with you too.
Today, my cycle and I are a really good team and that’s what I want for you too. Vulvani is your one stop shop for education around the female body. Everything about the uterus 🙂
Britta dancing

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Britta dancing
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