Cycle awareness as a superpower

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Cycle awareness as a superpower

5.00(9 Ratings)

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Was werde ich lernen?

  • The natural menstrual cycle is divided into four phases, corresponding to the external seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. 
  • And each season, and therefore each phase of the cycle, brings its own characteristics. There are seasons of rest and seasons of activity. Just as we know it from nature. 
  • By dividing the menstrual cycle into four phases or seasons, the changes in energy and mood become more comprehensible.

Kurs Curriculum

Module 1: Course introduction

  • 03:45
  • Course schedule
  • Overview: Course schedule
  • Safe Space
  • Related articles
  • How well do you know about menstruation?
  • Evaluation of the quiz results
  • My personal cycle story

Module 2: Menstrual cycle and seasons

Module 3: Understanding your own cycle

Module 4: Cycle awareness in everyday life

Module 5: Self-care in the cycle

Module 6: Bonus material


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9 Ratings
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2 years ago
The course was awesome! I learn that it’s ok to not feel the same every day. I find it so much easier now, to accept my menstrual cycle and that helps a lot in empowering myself! The menstrual cycle is a regularly occurring process and is a natural part of not only my, but the lives of every menstruating person. Thanks so much for reminding me, Vulvani!
2 years ago
I am so excited, the course was an absolute reward. Even if you already know the anatomical facts about the cycle, Vulvani gives you the chance to broaden your perspective. Many, many thanks for this course. The videos made me feel like we were just having a very good conversation among friends! THANK YOU
1 year ago
I have never understood myself as well as I have since I started tracking my menstrual cycle and period. I am truly so grateful for all the knowledge this course brought into my life!
2 years ago
Interactive, interesting and in different formats, Britta breaks taboos, gives us tips and shows us new perspectives. I was incredibly motivated by the course: I now understand myself and my body better and can continue to work on being aware of myself in the different phases of my cycle. I am very grateful for this knowledge!
3 years ago
Really exciting topic and great course. It's almost scary how little you know about your own body. The course brings darkness into the light and is fun on top of it. Highly recommended!
2 years ago
I have often wondered if my recurring moods and physical changes could have something to do with my natural cycle. With Britta's course I have finally learned to categorize them and can now go through life being more mindful with myself and my body. Thank you!
2 years ago
Thank you for an amazing online course!
2 years ago
I loved this course! The videos and the additional templates are of great quality and have a nice design. Britta is very knowledgeable about all things concerning the period and her enthusiasm about cycle awareness motivated me to stick with the course and get to know me more profoundly. The course also perfectly works in the mobile version. I liked this especially because I could do the course whenever, wherever. I definitely recommend this course :)
2 years ago
Such a great course, I absolutely loved it. Even after having my period for over ten years there is so much I wasn't aware of and I have learned so much. Thanks Vulvani, great work!

Course description: What is it about?

After this online course you will know how to use your menstrual cycle as your own personal superpower – for yourself, for your well-being or for your productivity. You will learn to live in harmony with your cycle.

Make peace with your cycle!

Discover the cycle as your superpower for more well-being in this online course!

You are in the middle of life, pursuing your career, are an entrepreneur or want to finally understand your body?

Then this online course is just right for you ✔️


  • You need an internet-enabled device with a screen to participate in the online courses. This can be your smartphone, but also a laptop, computer or tablet.
  • Access to a printer is optional, as many of the participants also like to print out our templates. But it also works purely digitally.

Enthaltene Lernmaterialien

  • Interactive videos, concrete tasks and lots of tips to improve your relationship with your cycle:
  • 6 modules with over 2 hours of video material
  • Quizzes, Playlist, Positive Affirmations, Memory
  • Downloadable checklists & templates
  • Bonus materials, such as TED Talks, cell phone wallpapers
  • Certificate

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Britta von Vulvani
Britta von Vulvani
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Britta von Vulvani
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