Do you some­times feel the need to talk about top­ics all about men­stru­ation or cycle health issues and can’t find any­one in your envir­on­ment to speak about it? Or do you have exper­i­ences you would like to share? Then the Vul­vani-Com­munity is wel­com­ing you! We now have a forum all about men­stru­ation where you can ask ques­tions and exchange exper­i­ences. Whether it’s about period dis­com­fort or you need help with free bleed­ing – here you will be helped, and you can help oth­ers. And every­one is allowed to con­trib­ute and be act­ive in the forum – also if you are none menstruating.

If you want to write your first post right away, go to the forum here. To make sure everything works prop­erly, you will find all the needed inform­a­tion about the forum here:

Anonym­ous & safe on the road

Are there top­ics that you are so uncom­fort­able with that you prefer to keep to your­self? That doesn’t have to be the case. In our forum, you can talk anonym­ously, and no topic is too embar­rass­ing. A one-time regis­tra­tion is neces­sary to post a thread or com­ment on an exist­ing one. We prom­ise that your data is safe with us, and other read­ers will only see your user­name. If you don’t want to register, you can still read all top­ics without restrictions.

In the forum, you can write about all top­ics that are close to your heart. How­ever, this also means that we are open and there­fore vul­ner­able. The Vul­vani-Team mod­er­ates the forum to ensure you exper­i­ence laid-back exchanges. We do our best to edit or delete posts with ques­tion­able con­tent as soon as pos­sible. Unfor­tu­nately, we can’t check every single post per­son­ally. There­fore, we need the help of the entire com­munity. Please report posts that you con­sider inap­pro­pri­ate – we will review them as soon as pos­sible and delete them if necessary.

Is the forum only about menstruation?

Of course not! Our forum is all about men­stru­ation. Men­stru­ation offers much more than just dis­cus­sions about period under­wear and free bleed­ing. We have there­fore divided the forum into the fol­low­ing categories:

  • Men­stru­ation
  • Sex & Contraception
  • Desire to have children
  • Men­o­pause

Within these cat­egor­ies, you will find top­ics where you can post your thread – so the exchange can start right away!
An hon­est and appre­ci­at­ive exchange is crit­ical for the forum to remain a place where every­one feels com­fort­able. There is no right and no wrong. We, there­fore, ask you to respect the opin­ions of all mem­bers. It means that offens­ive or vul­gar con­tent is not allowed. Just treat oth­ers as you would like to be treated, and then every­one will feel comfortable.

Ger­man or rather English?

The forum is bilin­gual. You can post in Eng­lish as well as in Ger­man. If you want to change the lan­guage in the forum, you can scroll down. At the bot­tom right, you will find a drop­down menu and can switch to the desired language.

All begin­nings are small. And so is the begin­ning of our forum about men­stru­ation: Is there a topic that catches your interest? Register now and share your exper­i­ences! It is the only way to fill the forum with life and make it grow. We are look­ing for­ward to it!

Your Vul­vani Team