Goodbye Menstrual Taboo: My 3 Period Highlights in 2019

Menstruation has not been an issue for the general public for a long time. And it probably still is not really. However, slowly but surely something is changing and the menstrual taboo is being actively addressed. Our society no longer completely turns a blind eye to it. Perhaps one or the other is already, even though shyly, looking at the subject of periods. Because the removal of taboos and the normalisation of menstruation has only just begun. It is worth taking a look (and maybe even participating!?). There is a lot to do. Because the times when we talk about menstruation in a bashful and embarrassing way are over. In the classic media and especially in the social networks, people are writing and talking about menstruation in an increasingly public and provocative way. And that is a good thing!

My personal period highlights in 2019

In the last year a few cool things have happened in the area of removing the menstrual taboo. Here is a small overview of the three best period moments in 2019: 

1. Menstrual blood is red and not blue

In Australia a TV commercial showed for the first time menstrual blood not in blue but realistically in red last year. And it definitely caused a lot of attention and disgust! Personally, I find red more beautiful than blue anyway. So I am really looking forward to seeing a lot of lovely red menstrual blood in advertisements, media and everywhere else!

2. And the Oscar goes… to a documentary about menstruation!

The documentary “Period. End of Sentence” won an Oscar for best documentary short film! And if that’s not wonderful, then I don’t know what is. To see real life on the big screens is beautiful. But when a documentary about such a natural, but often hidden topic as menstruation wins the most coveted golden film award, then that’s just great.

You can watch the trailer on Youtube or the whole documentary on Netflix

3. Germany lowers the tax on menstrual products

Nanna-Josephine Roloff and Yasemin Kotra launched the petition ‘The period is not a luxury – lower the tampon tax’ together and found over 190,000 supporters on the platform The petition demands that period products be considered as basic needs and be taxed at the simplified VAT rate of seven percent. The increased tax rate of 19 percent discriminates against all menstruating people. The successful petition and the tireless efforts of these two menstruatal activists were well worth it. Since January 2020, menstrual products in Germany are only taxed at seven percent. Goodybe ‘tampon tax’.

What were your highlights?

When you think back to last year, maybe you can find of other especially cool period moments? Which people really inspired you in 2019? Write us a message and tell us about them. Because we want to meet more exciting (menstrual) people and find out what moves and inspires you. May the year 2020 be full of even more wonderful menstrual highlights and may we together break the menstrual taboo even more!

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January 21, 2020
Britta Wiebe ist die Co-Gründerin von Vulvani. Am liebsten recherchiert, schreibt und konzipiert sie den ganzen Tag neue Artikel oder innovative Bildungsformate rund um Menstruation. Wenn sie nicht in der weiten Welt unterwegs ist, genießt sie ihre Zeit mit lieben Menschen im schönen Hamburg. | Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

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