Product review: Period underwear from Pourprées

This article has been realized in cooperation with Pourprées. We always write honestly in our articles and remain true to our personal opinions, regardless of the cooperation.

There is a new brand for period panties on the German period market: Pourprées. As the name indicates, the company is from France and makes periods a little more elegant and sensual. I have been testing the sustainable period underwear from Pourprées over the last few months for you and today I am finally sharing my product review with you!

Note: The article was originally published in August 2020 (product test of Cattleya only). In October 2021 the article was updated and also the period slips Lys and Dahlia were tested.

FactsWhat I likeWhat could be better
Company: Pourprées
Sampled period panties: Cattleya, Lys, Dahlia
Price: 34 – 44€
Available sizes: 30-56
fair production in France
organic cottong
large selection of sizes
Standard 100 by OEKO TEX
limited variety of prodcuts
only available in black
higher price

Pourprées: The company

Iris and Agathe Pillon are two sisters from Paris who founded the period company Pourprées together in 2019. To realize their idea, they launched a crowdfunding campaign which was a complete success: at the end of the campaign, 6,000 period panties were pre-ordered and the first production started. All panties are produced under fair working conditions near Paris in France. Initially they started with Pourprées in France, but they are becoming more and more popular on the German period market as well. They sell their high-quality period underwear via their own online shop. The period underwear is vegan and Standard 100 by OEKO TEX certified.

Photo Credit: Pourprées

How (well) does the period underwear from Pourprées work?

An absorbent technology is integrated in the period underwear from Pourprées, which makes them comfortable to wear. The first layer of the briefs quickly absorbs the menstrual blood, so that there is no feeling of dampness. The last layer protects against leakage and retains the blood. In total, the briefs consist of three different layers. These are designed in such a way that the panties are still slim, only 3mm in the thickest part. I personally find this very exciting, because it makes it feel almost like normal underwear. The additional layers are sewn generously into the crotch area, but not in the whole underpants. So the extra layer is only in the places where it is really needed. This is definitely a bonus point for the briefs from Pourprées!

How much blood can the panties from Pourprées absorb?

The briefs are designed to absorb the blood from about 3 tampons. According to the website, this means about 30ml. To be able to really try the period underwear, I did not bleed freely during my period. Unfortunately I do not know exactly how much blood I lose during the every day of my period. However, it worked well for me to change my period underwear in the morning and in the evening, just as recommended by the company. And I am happy with the absorbency of the panties. However, I probably should mention here that I do not have a heavy bleeding.

On the website, small symbols in the shape of blood drops are used to show how much period blood the different panties can absorb. The descriptions also indicate for whom the period panties are recommended. The models I tested have 3-4 blood drops, which is good for medium to very heavy bleeding.

What do I particularly like about period underwear from Pourprées?

One thing I really like about Pourprées is that they are produced regionally and fairly in France. Personally, I am also a fan of organic cotton, which is used to make the briefs. For me, organic cotton just feels the most comfortable on my skin, especially in the crotch area. The beautiful lace applications on both sides in the form of embroidered tulle complete the Cattleya panties and make them look elegant. Even though I wear period underwear, I don’t feel that I have to compromise on the comfort or appearance of my underwear with Pourprées panties. They appear more valuable and special than other period brands. The briefs are also vegan and free of silver nanoparticles and other chemicals. The period underwear from Pourprées is available in sizes 30 to 56, which I find a good size selection.

How do the panties from Pourprées fit?

As the company is still very young, they only have four different styles in their collection so far – all in black. I have chosen the style Cattleya for the product review. Even though I generally prefer high-waisted underwear, I was a bit surprised when I first put on the panties. Because they really are high-waisted – up to the bellybutton. This is, however, how it is described on the website: ‘Our Cattleya is a high waisted panty’. But when I put the panties on again on the first day of my period, all of my doubts and worries were gone: The Cattleya panty could not fit any better! The higher cut makes it feel as if the panties lovingly hug all my period pain. Exactly in the places where there are cramps during my periods, Cattleya provides warmth and comfort. No more unnecessary pinching of underwear during periods!

Update: I tested two more panties from Pourprées. The model Dahlia has a similar fit as the model Cattleya – high up to the belly button. The model Lys has a sportier cut and is fitted on the hips. 

What about the sizes for the period underwear from Pourprées?

I ordered the Cattleya in size 40, which is the right size for me. Actually, I would have ordered the panties in a size smaler, a 38. But on the website there’s a note saying, ‘If you’re in between two sizes, go for the larger one’. For me it worked well and I am happy with my Cattleya! Also the butt is almost completely covered, which I prefer during my period. I also tested the panties Dahlia and Lys in size 40 and they fit great as well.

Note about the sizes: There are both German and French sizes written in the panties. Do not not get confused by the fact that there will be two different sizes printed on the slip.

How much do the panties from Pourprées cost and how long can I wear them?

The price of the period underwear from Pourprées ranges from €34 to €44 depending on the style. In addition there is a 2,80€ shipping fee to Germany. Compared to other brands the price is a little higher, but the panties are produced under fair conditions in France – which is great! And we all know that fair and regional production has its price. You can also buy the panties in sets to save between ten and 15 percent.
For me, Pourprées passed the washing test: Even after repeated washing and wearing, the briefs are still just as comfortable and full in their black colour as they were when I first got them. The quality is great! According to the website, Pourprées briefs can be worn as long and as often as normal underwear.

To summarize…

I am excited that I was allowed to try the period underwear from Pourprées. I felt very comfortable with the Cattleya style, especially on the first days of my period. I also like the styles Dahlia and Lys. If you are thinking about giving period underwear a try, I can highly recommend the Pourprées panties. Do you have any questions about the product? Or do you maybe already have period underwear at home? Then do not hesitate to write us! We are looking forward to hearing from you – also about your experiences!

If you have general questions about the use and care of period underwear, then you will find all the information here. 

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