Sex toys during pregnancy: What you need to know

Is Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

For everyone who has doubts: Sex during pregnancy is safe if the pregnancy progresses normally – as is the use of sex toys. The baby in the uterus is protected by the amniotic fluid and the strong muscles of the uterus. Vaginal penetration of a penis or a penetrative toy will not harm the baby. Nothing stands in the way of your sex life even during pregnancy!

If you are wondering whether the baby will notice when you have sex, you can calm down. The baby does not know what is going on and if he or she moves more after an orgasm, it indicates a common response of the fetus to the uterine activity. The baby is also likely to enjoy the swaying and rhythmic movements that arise during sex.

When should you avoid sex during pregnancy?

Sex and sextoys should be avoided during pregnancy, especially with premature labor, problems with the placenta, vaginal bleeding, leakage of amniotic fluid or other abnormalities. The best thing to do is to clarify all uncertainties and whether you can be sexually active during pregnancy in the above-mentioned cases with your midwife or medical examiner.

If you are not supposed to have sex or are not in the mood for it, you can try relaxing massages, cuddles and kisses! So you don’t have to do without intimacy, because that doesn’t just include sex. It is also normal for the sex drive to change during pregnancy. So there is nothing to worry about. Anyone who speaks openly about their own needs with their partner can look for alternatives together.

Sextoys during pregnancy – how safe is it to use?

The use of sex toys during pregnancy is safe. The difference between whether a real penis or a vibrator penetrates the vagina is not decisive. These inserted pleasure generators stay in the vagina and cannot touch or injure the baby or placenta. The vibrations from a vibrator or clitoral stimulator do not really penetrate the baby either, since the amniotic fluid absorbs most of the vibrations. Masturbation or hot sex with or without sex toys is also good for everyone involved during a (normal) pregnancy. So if you would like to buy a dildo so that you can enjoy your love life even more during pregnancy, then nothing contradicts this wish.

How to use sex toys safely during pregnancy

  • Avoid getting too deep into the vagina, even if the plug of mucus in the cervix is protecting the baby quite well.
  • Do not bring in toys that are too pointed or sharp or that cause painful pleasure.
  • Pay attention to the hygienic use of the toys! Special toy cleaners can be used to clean the sex toy quickly and easily before use. This avoids bacterial inflammation, which can be dangerous during pregnancy.
  • Make sure that toys that provide vaginal stimulation are not used for anal stimulation – and vice versa. Faecal bacteria that are on the sex toys and get into the vagina can cause a vaginal infection.
  • Pay attention to the ingredients of creams and lubricants. Some contain fragrances, flavors or colorings that can irritate sensitive tissue or cause infections, which can be particularly dangerous during pregnancy.
  • Always read the fine print to make sure that toys or other products only contain substances that are safe for pregnant women. Products containing phthalates should not only be avoided during pregnancy, but in general as these plasticizers are carcinogenic.

Whoever observes these points can relax and embark on the next love adventure and enjoy carefree sex during pregnancy!

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