Feeling good in your cycle (Part 4)

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Feeling good in your cycle (Part 4)

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Was werde ich lernen?

  • In the first case, it is very important to learn about the first period at an early age in order to build a positive relationship with menstruation from the beginning and reduce any fears.
  • In the second case, this online course for the first period provides a comprehensive overview of everything your child should know about different period products or the menstrual cycle.

Kurs Curriculum

Module 1: How are you feeling in your body?

Module 2: The menstrual cycle compared to the seasons

Module 3: How can you track your menstrual cycle?

Module 4: See you soon


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1 year ago
All four parts of the course were fun and educational. Lily's storyline and character arc will definitely keep the children engaged. There are many activities and templates that allow children to explore their own menstrual cycle in a meaningful way. In addition to this, the content is inclusive to ALL menstruators. Highly recommended this purchase!

Course description: What is it about?

The fourth and last part “Feeling good in your cycle” of the first period online course entails:

  • Understanding the menstrual cycle
  • It’s okay not to feel the same every day!
  • Self-care instead of overwhelm

An often unnoticed topic: emotional well-being. The period is part of a whole rhythmic cycle. Hormonal and mood swings go hand in hand with it. We set a first foundation so that your child and her period become a cool team, for life. 🙂


  • You need an internet-enabled device with a screen to participate in the online courses. This can be your smartphone, but also a laptop, computer or tablet.
  • Access to a printer is optional, as many of the participants also like to print out our templates. But it also works purely digitally.

Enthaltene Lernmaterialien

  • Learning videos with Britta
  • Audio play adventures with Lily and her friends
  • Step-by-step approach
  • Downloadable templates, quizzes, games, and resources

Für wen ist der Kurs?

  • This online course is designed for children between 8-13 years, for and after the first period.
  • The online course is designed so that children can work through the content independently. But you can also watch the videos together as a family or work through exercises together. We have also included exercises to facilitate and support conversations about menstruation with parents or other menstruating people in their social environment.

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