Relieving period cramps naturally: A matter of mindset?

Periods and related discomfort are not welcome in our society. We are supposed to function perfectly every day. The period should be made invisible, which also means that menstrual problems are made taboo. Often the use of painkillers during menstruation is a given and quickly results in the desired pain relief. But besides taking medication, there are other, natural remedies for menstrual pain. Unfortunately, however, this is rarely discussed. It is worth trying out different home remedies to find the best method for you for relieving period cramps naturally. Home remedies are also beneficial for more severe period pain, as they can hopefully reduce the number of painkillers needed.

No more painkillers for me

At some point last year I decided that I did not want to take any more painkillers during my periods (as much as possible). Why? Because I no longer felt like taking some medication every month in order to keep functioning flawlessly in a ‘perfect’ world. My period pain wasn’t that bad. However, I still took several pills of Buscopan (painkillers), mostly on the first two days of my period to not be restricted by my period pain in everyday life. At some point, however, I no longer felt comfortable taking painkillers regularly – especially when it was not absolutely necessary. There are always possible side effects of medication that we are mostly unaware of.

Relieving period cramps naturally: Looking for alternatives

Thus, I began my search for alternatives for relieving my period cramps naturally. The goal was to support my body as much as possible. And I have come to the conclusion that warmth, rest and personal me time during my period are the best things for me personally and make my pain almost completely disappear. Here you can read my 7 favorite tips for period pain. Accepting my period and appreciating my body also play a big role in this.

Accept your body and your periods as they are

That is perhaps easier said than done. But a loving perception of our body and our periods has a positive effect on our well-being. Be aware that your body does not want to annoy you when it bleeds, it simply fulfils its function. Sometimes it helps to have a different, new perspective on things. Your period means that you are healthy and that your body is functioning exactly as it should. Also, be aware of what your body is actually accomplishing and that it is working at full speed to remove your uterine lining efficiently. From this point of view, it is probably okay that we feel a bit weaker and experience some forms of discomfort. Accept your body with its changes instead of fighting against it and your period. You and your body are a wonderful team that should care for each other and show consideration for each other.

More rest for period problems, but how on the job?

If you are wondering how I did it without painkillers at a typical office job, there is a simple answer. Not taking painkillers during my period had a fundamental consequence: I sometimes called in sick at work on the first and second day of my period. I always made sure beforehand, as much as possible, that I did not have any important appointments or to-do’s on that day. Or I might have worked on tasks in advance or taken some things home with me. To be honest, some of my tips for relieving period cramps naturally are not very suitable for the usual workday – which is why I advocate for a period-friendly corporate culture (you can read more about periods at work here and here). A few hours of privacy or a spontaneous day in bed are unfortunately still not easily compatible with most of our jobs these days.

Small changes can bring about big changes

But sometimes it helps to start out smaller and take a short walk for five minutes every few hours at work – maybe some packages have to be taken to the post office anyway or something has to be picked up from another building? Take advantage of these short opportunities to integrate gentle movements and fresh air into your daily work routine. Drinking warm, cramp-relieving teas all day long is thankfully possible from anywhere. Healthy snacks, such as banana or nuts, help with period pain and are great to take with you to work. Breathing exercises can also be done at work – just close your eyes between two phone calls and breathe consciously for a few minutes and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Relieving period cramps naturally: Using a hot water bottle in the office?

If you are boiling tea water, why not make some more right away? Because heat in any form helps with menstrual pain. A hot water bottle in the office may require a little courage at first, but can often be easily integrated into the sit-down kind of workdays. The Austrian start-up femitale offers great possibilities to carry your hot water bottle with you at all times and still have your hands free: a scarf wrap and lounge pants, which were especially designed to hold a 1.2 kg hot water bottle. These products also look great – especially the scarf wrap can look stylish! Who said that a hot water bottle should only be used at home?

How do you manage your period discomfort?

What does your daily routine look like during your period? Do you take painkillers regularly or have you discovered natural alternatives? And what do you do at work when you experience period discomfort? Tell us about your best home remedies and experiences with period cramps. We look forward to hearing your stories and tips!

Note: In case of severe menstrual problems that limit your everyday activities, a medical examination is important! It is better to have one examination too many than one too few!

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October 27, 2020
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