How mindfulness can be supportive during the period

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness – so beneficial and not at all as complicated as perhaps often assumed. Mindfulness first of all only means to develop a greater awareness and thus to perceive more intensively. This already starts with performing everyday actions more consciously or enjoying moments purposefully. But how does mindfulness help during the period?

Why mindfulness can be helpful during the period

Being mindful also means being aware of changes. This includes the different phases of the menstrual cycle. Mindfulness can help you to better recognize the signs of your body and to live in harmony with your cycle. This more intensive understanding can help you to classify your mood more clearly. At the same time it increases your ability to find out what is good for you in these moments. Feeling into yourself not only has a decelerating effect but also creates a better sense of yourself.

How mindfulness can have a positive effect on period pain

Especially if you experience pain during your period, mindfulness can offer you something positive. Listen within yourself to determine what you need to relieve your pain. The more intense awareness and time for yourself may provide an alternative method to pain medication

But how am I being mindful? What can I do to be mindful? Here are a few practical tips:

1. Go through everyday life mindfully

As explained earlier, being mindful starts with tightening your awareness. Try to be aware of things around you in your daily life. For example, the warmth that the sun radiates, the chirping of birds, and how the wind makes leaves move. Or consciously notice the taste of your food and the smell of different scents. 

2. Sit down & breathe

To intensify these perceptions, take a moment for yourself. Sit quietly and breathe deeply in and out. You can also close your eyes to be even more concentrated and, above all, more with yourself. Such moments can be especially good for you during your period. Deep breathing helps you relax and can also reduce pain.

3. Meditation

Maybe you would like to go a step further and try meditation. There are many different formats for this on the internet. Take ten minutes a day, which is a good way to get started. If you like meditating, you can extend the time. Decide for yourself if you like guided meditations or if you prefer to do them without guidance. 

All these practical exercises will help you to develop a heightened awareness. You will notice how you perceive moments more intensely and do things more consciously. Most importantly, you will feel what is good for you and what you need during your period. This could be warmth or rest. Or maybe you prefer more physical activity, such as yoga. So as you can see, mindfulness can be truly supportive during the period!

The look into your cycle

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September 3, 2021
Ronja, gebürtige Hannoveranerin, studiert Global Health in den Niederlanden. Dabei hat sich ihr Interesse an Themen wie sexuelle und reproduktive Gesundheit vertieft. Sie träumt davon, an Projekten zu arbeiten, die weltweit ein größeres Bewusstsein für Menstruation schaffen. Ronja ist außerdem Yoga-Trainerin und liebt es, diese Leidenschaft mit ihrer beruflichen Expertise zu verbinden. | Instagram | LinkedIn

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