Our best advice for your first period

Some have been eagerly awaiting their first period for a long time, while others are afraid of it. Others simply ignore the topic or don’t even know what might come up soon. In any case, feelings around the first period are often mixed. Nevertheless, the beginning of menstruation is a special day. It is a day that will be remembered by many. To help you be perfectly prepared for your first menstruation, we have created a small checklist with the most important tips for you. Together with us, you can wait calmly for your first period arrive.

How do I know I will be getting my period soon?

You’re probably wondering: Will I know when it’s time? Usually yes, because the first menstruation does not start without any signs. Puberty often begins with slight physical changes, such as the growth of breasts or vulva hair. The hormonal changes in the body announce the first period well in advance. This is because the first bleding usually occurs later in puberty. Are there specific signs of the first period? Shortly before the onset of menstruation, for example, physical complaints in the form of abdominal pain or breast tenderness may occur. Impure skin can also be an indication that the first period is approaching. However, the hormones are probably challenging the skin during the entire period of puberty anyaway. So maybe not the best sign after all. Pimples on the face or décolleté are probably on the daily agenda. However, a reliable sign is vaginal discharge.

Vaginal discharge as a sign for my first period?

The appearance of vaginal discharge (no blood yet!) signals that your uterus has become active and is working. The hormonal changes have started in your body. You are wondering what exactly the vaginal discharge is or what it looks like? It is a whitish-milky fluid that comes out of the vagina and is completely normal – as long as it does not smell or itch. You probably see small whitish spots in your underwear every now and then. Some people notice them more than others, but we all have them. If you like, you can use (washable) panty liners or period underwear. This is the forerunner for the first period, which is coming soon. The only question now is: how long does it take until the first period startes after noticing discharge for the first time? Menstruation probably starts about a year after the first discharge. So it takes it’s time, but the exact time of the first period can be determined at least roughly.

How do I prepare for my first period?

It is best to inform yourself and start asking a lot of questions about menstruation and the cycle. Read books and talk to people in your family or circle of friends about your period – be brave! Also here on Vulvani you will find a treasure on period knowledge and you can send us all your questions! Because the more you know about your own body, the more comfortable you will feel with your menstruation. When you get your period for the first time, you are (mentally) already well prepared for it and know directly what is really going on.

Our best advice for you: Emergency kit for your period

You are wondering how you could best prepare for your first period? Here is our best advice for you: ALWAYS KEEP MENSTRUAL PRODUCTS IN YOUR BAGS. It’s like a little period emergency kit! If you notice that you’re beginning to have a whitish vaginal discharge, check in your bathroom to see what menstrual products you can find there. Or talk to your parents or siblings about the fact that you might need some products soon. Just in case, always have a pad, tampon or even a panty liner in your bag. If your first period surprises you (which it usually does), at least you are well prepared and have the right products at hand. That’s going to be so worth it  in such a new, sometimes a little overwhelming situation! But even after your first period, it is advisable to always have a small emergency period supply with you. Because especially at the beginning your menstruation is rather irregular. Just make sure that the products are well protected when you’re on the go and that the packaging doesn’t accidentally rip and your products get dirty. The best way to do this is to use a small extra bag with only your period products in it. Then everything is stored safely and cleanly.

What am I supposed to do when I unexpectedly get my period for the first time?

In any case, keep calm! And take a good look at everything in the bathroom. If you have menstrual products at hand, everything is great and you can use them. If nothing is within reach, a little toilet paper will help at first. It is best to tear off several sheets at once and fold them neatly over each other. And voilá, your first self-made pad is ready to be used. It should at least catch the blood until you can go to the toilet again or until you are at home and can use a real period product. A little tip: If you are surprised by your first period at school, it’s worth going to the nurse’s office. The first aid kit often contains a few pads or tampons for emergencies. Apart from that, you don’t really have much to do during your period – except maybe a little more rest. Try to observe your body carefully to understand how you feel during your period. And talk to the people you live with or who are close to you. They probably all know your situation and often it helps to talk about your feelings and get tips from the experienced people. They can probably answer all your questions instantly.

Do you feel ready for your first period?

If you still have questions that this article could not answer, please feel free to write us a message. With us no question should be too unpleasant or embarrassing for you. Because we were once where you are now and probably had exactly the same questions as you. So we are happy to share our period wisdom with you!

You are not alone!

Are you curious how other menstruating people experienced their first period? Then take a look at the articles from the series ‘Menstruation around the world‘ and read how others experienced their first menstruation. You can read my personal story about my first period here.

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April 15, 2020
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