Product review: Period underwear from femtis

This article has been realized in cooperation with femtis. We always write honestly in our articles and remain true to our personal opinions, regardless of the cooperation.

If you hear about period underwear for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions about it. How exactly does it work? Do period underwear deliver what they promise? What does it really feel like? Does nothing leak? And what to do with the bloody underpants afterwards? I have tested the sustainable period underwear from femtis and I will answer all your questions! All general information about menstrual underwear can be found here and you are about to read the femtis product review now.


  • Company: femtis
  • Price: 22,80 – 29,40 €
  • Sampled period underwear: Lene, Alwa, Ella
  • Available sizes: 30-52

What I like

  • vegan (PETA approved)
  • cotton possible as outer material
  • high absorbency
  • variety of styles

What could be better

  • sizes can vary
  • production outside DE / EU
  • high absorbency layers also in the back

Femtis: The company

Femtis is a German company that has been selling period panties through its own online shop since 2018. Femtis’ panties do not contain any materials of animal origin and carry the certification PETA Approved Vegan. They are also free of silver and other biocides.

How (well) does the period underwear from femtis work? How do they feel with blood?

First of all the most important: What do the period panties feel like? The panties from femtis have an integrated 4-layer technique. In combination, the different layers of the period underwear absorb the menstrual blood, similar to pads. If you think that it might feel uncomfortable or a little wet, I cannot confirm this. All good and comfortable in your panties! Because every single layer has a special function. The integrated layer system is not only sewn into the crotch area, but also goes up the whole back of the panties all the way to the hem. In the description this is indicated by ‘protection area is especially high at the back‘. For me it was a bit unfamiliar. I personally would have liked it better if the layer system was cut lower at the back and was only as big as a pad for example. Then it would feel even more like ‘normal’ underwear. However, depending on how heavy the bleeding is, this can be very helpful for others and can be an advantage, especially at night. The generously cut layer system probably ensures that the blood can really be completely absorbed by the underwear in every sleeping position. So you can sleep through the night and your femtis will do the rest for you! 

How much blood do the femtis absorb?

Depending on the model, the period underwear from femtis absorbs varying amounts of menstrual blood. According to the website, the absorption capacity of most femtis briefs ranges from one to two tampons. The slip Jule has an extra layer to absorb even more blood and can hold up to three tampons. The calculation is that one tampon can absorb about 5ml of blood. With three tampons, the corresponding number is 15ml. In the product description you can find out whether the panties are suitable for lighter, medium or heavy bleeding. In my case the panties have kept their promise and have not leaked. However, I did not measure or weigh exactly how much blood was in one pair of panties. 

What do I particularly like about period underwear from femtis?

The great thing about femtis is that they have a large selection of quality period panties. From highwaist to hipster to thong everything is available. With or without lace. The period panties actually look like normal underwear. So everyone can wear their favourite style even during their period. Most panties are in a classic black, but there is also a dark red or grey model. It is especially nice that femtis sizes range from 30 to 52. This also includes three teen sizes (152, 158, 164). The different panties also have various materials and absorbencies, so you can choose according to your personal preferences. For example, I like the models with cotton as their upper material best. With the comparison table for all femtis period panties, it is easy to find the right model.


How do the panties from femtis fit? 

I have selected three different femtis models to test for this review. My personal favourite is Lene, which has a simple cut and a comfortable fit. In retrospect, I would have preferred to order Lene in black three times, because I am simply very satisfied with this model. Lene is comfortable and because of the cotton she is the most pleasant on my skin. I also tried the panties Alwa and Ella. Both slips have nylon as their upper material. Unfortunately I was not aware that I personally do not find nylon as a material for underwear very pleasant. But I like Alwa because of the soft lace waistband. The only period panty I didn’t really like was the model Ella. I ordered all three models in size M. Lene fits great, Alwa fits fine and Ella is unfortunately too small. For this model it is best to order one or two sizes bigger! 

How much do the period panties from femtis cost and how long can I use them?

Since it is recommended to have several period panties, femtis offers quantity discounts of up to 20 percent (starting from 7 panties). If you only want to try one pair, you could order together with others and save money. The quantity discounts are valid for as little as three panties. The prices for the briefs vary depending on the model and range from around 23€ to 30€. Compared to other manufacturers femtis period underwear is slightly cheaper. If cared for properly, they have the same lifespan as conventional underwear and can be used for several years. Even after repeated washing and wearing, they still fit me exactly as they did when I first tried them. So thumbs up for the quality of the period briefs!

To summarize… 

I am fascinated by period underwear and I think that it is a brilliant innovation! Not only for the sake of the environment, but also for my body. And I am very happy that I was able to test the period underwear from femtis and that I have found a style (Lene) that I really like. If you are also looking for sustainable period products, then you should definitely give period underwear a chance! If you are still a little sceptical or if you have any questions, please send us a message or leave a comment below. Or maybe you have already given period underwear a try? Then feel free to tell us about your experiences.

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