Product test: Period underwear from Modibodi

This article was created in cooperation with Modibodi. We always write honestly in our articles and remain true to our personal opinions, regardless of the cooperation.

There’s a lot going on in the period market nowadays, and everyone is talking about sustainable menstrual products. Right at the forefront is period underwear. At first glance, it looks like normal underwear, but it catches period blood directly. Now you may be wondering: How good are period panties really? And what makes Modibodi’s products special? I have tested the period underwear from Modibodi for you. Enjoy my honest product review.


  • Company: Modibodi
  • Price: 18-35€
  • Sizes: 4XS – 6XL

What I like

  • Wide range of colors, shapes & absorbencies
  • Vegan models
  • Pleasant, soft material

What could be better

  • Production not in EU

Modibodi: The company

The Australian brand Modibodi is all about menstruation, bladder weakness and breastfeeding. Kristy Chong founded Modibodi in 2013. After the birth of her children, Kristy suffered from pelvic floor weakness and set out to find sustainable solutions for periods and incontinence. After not really finding what she was looking for, she decided to develop something of her own. And the results are to be proud of! The patented Modifier technology ensures that the various Modibodi products are leak-proof – regardless of whether it is period blood, urine, sweat or breast milk. Besides period underwear Modibodi also manufactures other products, such as nursing underwear or leak-proof swimwear and sportswear. Since 2020, the products are also available in Germany – shipped from the UK.

How does the period underwear from Modibodi work?

The Modifier technology ensures that the body fluids are directed to the inside of the product, where they are evenly absorbed, so that there is no unpleasant, damp feeling. The three layers are only 3mm thick. This is a bit more than normal underwear, but still pretty thin. By the way, the products are not only suitable for period blood, but also manage urine or sweat. They are therefore also suitable for sportsincontinence or during pregnancy or postpartum. It is recommended to change most of the period underwear from Modibodi at least every 12 hours.

How much blood can the panties from Modibodi absorb?

Modibodi offers a wide selection with six different absorbencies: from super light to Maxi 24h, everything is included. Whether you have a stronger or weaker menstruation, you’ll find the right panties at Modibodi. Since the flow of my own period is considered average-normal (about 50ml) and I enjoy free bleeding, I decided to go with the styles with a light-moderate and moderate-strong absorbency. This is about 10-15ml or 2-3 tampons. With this absorbency, the extra layer in the crotch area is only about as big as a pad and therefore rather thin – I personally prefer it this way. The absorbency level was great for my bleeding. For the test, I did not practice free bleeding, but really bled into the underwear. Otherwise, I enjoy using period underwear as a backup when free bleeding.

But it’s great that Modibodi’s period underwear also offers styles for heavy bleeding. Respectively, the underwear is then also more padded and the layer can reach up to the the back and also the front of the waistband of the underwear. You’ll always find information about the absorbency and the size of the extra layer for each model on the Modibodi website. The strongest model is the Maxi 24h. I have not tested it, but it is supposed to absorb up to 50ml of liquid, which corresponds to about 10 tampons.

What do I like about the period underwear from Modibodi?

The styles, colors, patterns and absorbencies of Modibodi’s period underwear are as varied as people’s needs. From plain or unicolored to colorful or sexy, it’s all available. By now, they have four different collections: Classic, Sensual, Seamless and Vegan. Depending on the collection, the materials of the underwear vary. The styles I’ve been testing were mainly a mixture of bamboo viscose, spandex and merino wool – which is very comfortable on the skin. The material is soft and adapts to the body.

Modibodi convinces me with it’s diversity – not only in terms of underwear, but also in its corporate communication and visual language. What’s special about Modibodi, in my view, is also the corporate philosophy: Accepting and celebrating every body as it is. And that’s exactly what we stand for at Vulvani as well. Modibodi’s latest campaign video, “The New Way to Period,” is an emotional film that authentically portrays everyday life during menstruation. Red color was also used to show menstrual blood. The film was initially blocked by Facebook because it was too explicit in their opinion.

What about the sizes from Modibodi? How do the panties fit?

The period underwear is available from size 4XS to 6XL, depending on the style. In the Modibodi size chart, the Australian sizes are quickly calculated based on hip and waist measurements. According to the size chart, I have a size M. However, my hip measurement was right at the border to size L. That’s why I tested the Modibodi period underwear in both M and L – and both sizes fit well. Especially when my belly might be a bit bloated during my period anyway, some room in the period underwear is nice.

How much does the period underwear from Modibodi cost?

Prices for period underwear from Modibodi start at 18€. Depending on the model of underwear prices go up to 35€. For most styles there are also multi-packs with corresponding quantity discounts available. From 70€ upwards, shipping costs are included. For example, the swimsuit costs 77€. 

How about going swimming or running with Modibodi?

Modibodi was the first brand to offer leak-proof swimwear. How is that supposed to work? I was wondering the same thing! The swimwear is also based on the Modifier technology, which absorbs the period blood. However, the swimsuits can only absorb up to 10ml of fluid. So they are more suitable for a lighter to regular bleeding. The close-fitting design prevents water from getting in and therefore possible menstrual blood from leaking out. I’m looking forward to testing out my Modibodi swimsuit during my period while being on a beach vacation. In addition to swimwear, Modibodi also offers sportswear for bladder weakness and menstruation, designed specifically for working out. There is probably no need that Modibodi does not cover.

My conclusion of the period underwear from Modibodi

I probablye tested half the styles of period underwear from Modibodi and am happy about the different styles and the  large selection. I felt very comfortable with Modibodi during my period. If you are curious and would like to try the period underwear as well, now is the perfect time. Use the code VULVANI15 to get 15% off at the Modibodi store until Wednesday, April 07, 2021.

If you have general questions about using or caring for period underwear, you can find all the information here. Do you have any questions about period underwear from Modibodi or are you already using menstrual underwear? Then feel free to leave a comment.

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