Yoga exercises for the different phases of the cycle

Yoga for the different phases of the menstrual cycle? Yes, you read that right! Because each phase of your cycle is different, so it’s important to listen to your body and its signals and align your yoga practice accordingly. Wondering how to do that? No problem, Ronja will show you how!

You may have heard about how the phases of the menstrual cycle are described with the help of the four seasons. Each phase of the menstrual cycle is characterized by different features, which are also reflected in the four seasons of winter, spring, summer and autumn. This association with the seasons illustrates the mood and emotions associated with the different phases. Of course, these effects are individual and can vary greatly. Therefore, an awareness of one’s cycle is helpful in getting to know yourself and your cycle better and living in harmony with your body. Such increased awareness is an essential part of mindfulness. The more intense awareness of your own sensations as well as body will tell you a lot about yourself. Thus, it will also enable you to figure out which style of yoga is appropriate for you at which stage. You can find some general inspiration here: 

Yoga exercises for the different phases of the cycle – Winter

The cycle always starts with the first day of your period. This phase is also called inner winter. In winter, the focus is on rest and relaxation. Maybe you experience yourself that you have less energy during menstruation and prefer to slow down. If you feel this way, a more gentle yoga practice is recommended. Avoid vigorous sequences and be careful to give your pelvic region as much space as possible and not to squeeze your abdomen. An exemplary yoga pose is the Seated Butterfly (Baddha Konasana). But also the Child’s Pose (Balasana) with knees placed apart is a pleasant asana during the period. Feel free to use aids such as yoga blocks and a blanket to make the postures as comfortable as possible.

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Yoga exercises for the different phases of the cycle – Spring

After the period comes the spring. This one is characterized by energy and zest for action. Possible yoga poses to practice during your cyclical spring are powerful asanas such as the Triangle (Trikonasana) or variations of the Warrior (Virabhadrasana). The spring is an optimal time to face challenges. Maybe there are yoga exercises in which you would like to make progress. So, take advantage of the fresh energy of spring to try something new and give your yoga practice a fresh coat of paint.

Yoga exercises for the different phases of the cycle – Summer 

The phase of summer that follows is around ovulation. During this time, you may feel even more energetic than before. Use this power not only to get things done in your daily life, but also to expand your yoga practice and maybe even try new asanas. Poses like the Bow (Dhanurasana) or the Camel (Ustrasana) require a certain amount of strength and body tension. So maybe try your skills at energetic sequences during your summer?

Photo Credits: Ronja

Yoga exercises for the different phases of the cycle – Autumn 

The time before your period is called autumn. During this phase, you may feel some sensitivity and a desire to withdraw. You may also experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS). So, rather help yourself to a more tranquil yoga practice with soothing asanas that can help alleviate corresponding symptoms. For example, the Wind Relieving Pose (Pawanmuktasana) can help release air from the abdomen and thus counteract the feeling of a bloated body. Meditation is also a pleasant way to relieve PMS symptoms.

Hopefully you’ve gotten some inspiration on which yoga poses can be supportive for the different phases of your cycle. Always listen to yourself and feel what is good for you and your body at the moment. In this way, you will find out on your own which yoga practices are comfortable for you in the different phases.

The look into your cycle

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November 19, 2021
Ronja, gebürtige Hannoveranerin, studiert Global Health in den Niederlanden. Dabei hat sich ihr Interesse an Themen wie sexuelle und reproduktive Gesundheit vertieft. Sie träumt davon, an Projekten zu arbeiten, die weltweit ein größeres Bewusstsein für Menstruation schaffen. Ronja ist außerdem Yoga-Trainerin und liebt es, diese Leidenschaft mit ihrer beruflichen Expertise zu verbinden. | Instagram | LinkedIn


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