How does Free Bleeding work in everyday life? A look at reality

With every menstruation we get to understand ourselves and our body a little bit better. Since I have been free bleeding, I am simply excited that it really works. That’s why today I’m going to give you some insights into my everyday period experience: How often do I really have to use the restroom? And how does free bleeding work in everyday life or while traveling? Here are my personal experiences with bleeding freely.

How do I know when to discharge my period blood?

It works well for me that I just regularly use the restroom while having my period. I notice a little pressure in my abdomen. It feels a little like my bladder is full. It took a while before I could differentiate between the feeling of a full bladder vs. a full vagina (with blood). Either way, my body communicates with me and gives me a sign. Then on the toilet I let go of the menstrual blood. Depending on the day of my period, I have a break of varying length until the next ‘rush of blood’.

How often do I have to use the restroom?

On the first two days of my period, regular toilet visits are common for me when I am free bleeding. They are definitely more frequent than usual. Especially on the first days of my period, it is great if a toilet is nearby. Most of the time, I discharge my menstrual blood into the toilet anywhere between thirty minutes and two hours. However, on the remaining days of my menstruation I am back to my normal patterns. I usually don’t visit the toilet separately after the third day of my period. Instead I simply discharge my menstrual blood when I usually use the bathroom.

Free Bleeding in everyday life: Really skipping the period products?

In the beginning I used fabric panty liners as a backup. Now I prefer to wear period underwear when free bleeding. But actually I don’t need them because I discharge my menstrual blood directly into the toilet. At the end of the day I only change my period panties because I have worn them for a certain number of hours. But not because they are soaked with blood. However, I believe that bleeding freely is a matter of the mind. If I wear period underwear, I know that I am ‘safe’ even while I am practicing free bleeding in everyday life. If I’m on the go longer than I had planned or I haven’t been listening to my body properly, then that’s just the way it is. I could bleed into my period underwear if I have to. It gives me a feeling of peace and tranquility.

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Around the world while free bleeding

Since I have been living more in tune with my cycle, I try to integrate my periods more into my plans. Especially when traveling, I have been able to incorporate free bleeding into my everyday life. Because it is often only up to me (and of course my travel partners) to decide what I want to do. Free bleeding worked well during my several months of traveling through South America with my boyfriend – even on days when we explored new cities. Because it is often a question of attitude and a good amount of spontaneity and flexibility. Since I love to check out little cafés anyway, I combine it with a free visit to the restrooms when free bleeding. In a way, free bleeding is always a bit like traveling or a little adventure. But not around the world, but much more into the insides of my body.

Consciously integrating periods into everyday planning

Whenever possible, I do not schedule long bus rides for the beginning of my period. Even when we planned multiple-day-long hikes, I always checked my cycle calendar first to see when my next period is due. Because regardless of free bleeding, I now know that I probably don’t feel like exercising or big adventures during the first two days of my period. Whether I really free bleed 100 percent of my period depends on what is planned at the beginning of my period. And of course, what the toilet situation will be like. By now I’m pretty relaxed about it. And if there’s more on my agenda than I’d prefer, I use my menstrual cup without hesitation. I do this especially when I know that I will not have access to a bathroom for a longer period of time.

Could free bleeding in everyday life be something for you?

For me personally, free bleeding means having the courage to try something new and to trust my body. Just because bleeding freely works well for me, does not necessarily mean that it is the right method for you. Every menstruating person experiences their period individually. And everyone has to decide for themselves which product or method best suits their lifestyle and needs. But if you are curious and have questions about free bleeding, feel free to send me a message. You can also read more about it here and here! And if you know some German, you can listen to my interview all about free bleeding on the podcast ‘Regelzeit’ (only in German though). If you are also practicing free bleeding, I am excited to learn from your experiences. Let me know: What are your best tips for free bleeding in everyday life?

Are you ready to try Free Bleeding?

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The look into your cycle

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October 6, 2020
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