My personal 7 favorite tips for period pain

Period problems often only last for a few days. Nevertheless, they can be quite challenging and can put a small damper on your daily plans. Because if you feel nauseous, your head hurts and you period cramps, your motivation tends to be at rock bottom. And that every month all over again! Most menstruating people know this from their own experience way too well. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is another way! Fortunately, there are effective home remedies that can alleviate the symptoms during your period in a natural way. I have tried many things over the years. Here I will share my personal seven favorite tips for period pain. Alone or in combination, they help me to cope better with more painful days and to find my inner well-being during my period.

1. Not drinking coffee

Sometimes it can be helpful to give up your beloved coffee before and during your period. You should also avoid green or black tea and mate for a few days. Because caffeine can increase menstrual problems. The best thing to do is to run a little self-test the next time you have your period and see if caffeine abstinence during your period has a positive effect on your symptoms. For me personally, it helps!

How about drinking some hot tea instead?

Even though it is important to drink enough during your period, it is better to have other beverages on your period menu. Hot teas can have a relaxing effect. Herbal teas or lemon water are good for the time of your menstruation. Ginger or chamomile tea, for example, help to relax the stomach, and teas made from medicinal plants are pain-relieving and ease cramps. Tea made from cinquefoilyarrow or stinging nettle – often in this combination of three – is recommended for menstrual problems. Yarrow tea, for example, is said to inhibit the production of prostaglandins (the hormone that triggers cramps in the uterus).

2. Rest and time at home

It’s okay if we simply say no and don’t schedule any appointments or dates when we are on our period (if possible of course). Meetings may also be cancelled if we feel uncomfortable – as we might do for other complaints as well. So, just step back for a little and give your body some rest. Maybe take a nap in the afternoon. While stress stimulates period pain, relaxation can relieve them. All I sometimes need to minimize my menstrual cramps (or not get any in the first place!) is a little more rest and time for myself than usual. So how about a little relaxing holiday alone at home during your next period? 

If I take the time to relax…

For example, on the first day of my period, I absolutely love lying in bed with a podcast in my ear and a hot water bottle on my stomach. If I gift myself with this time off, I have almost no period problems anymore. During my period, less is often more for me personally. You wonder how you can combine this with your job? We have an idea: a period-friendly corporate culture! But sometimes it helps to start with smaller steps first: Communicate openly how you feel today and try to integrate at least the other tips for period pain into your everyday work life.

3. Heat

Heat, no matter in which form, simply helps me personally during my period. The warmth relaxes the muscles (for example in the uterus) and cramps are relieved. In addition, heat promotes blood circulation. As a result, the complaints slowly subside. We can warm our body with a tea from the inside and with a hot water bottle from the outside. Or maybe blow-dry your stomach for some warmth when nothing else is at hand? Warm socks also help to keep the body warm. A relaxing bath, a trip to the sauna or a warm shower can also have a calming effect.

4. Light movements + yoga

If you experience only mild menstrual pain, a little exercise may be a good idea for you. Even if you would rather stay in bed, you should consider whether that a gentle exercise might be an option for you. Exercise stimulates the blood circulation in the body, and therefore also in the womb. The uterus can relax more and the pain subsides. Exercise also releases our happiness hormones – which are always nice! I like to do a little yoga during my period. But going for a walk or a little bike ride can also have an anti-cramping effect and help me personally. Easy physical activities are enough. If you don’t feel like exercising at all during your period, regular training during the rest of your cycle can also have a positive effect on menstrual problems and prevent them.

5. Relaxation through mindful breathing

Take a deep breath, please. Or a couple of them. Mindful breathing helps us to relax the body and mind. Often just five minutes are enough to consciously concentrate on our breathing and notice the first slight pain relief. It is especially helpful if you channel your breathing specifically to where you experiencing pain. Sit upright, close your eyes and place your hands on the hurting part of your body. Breathe slowly and mindfully into the pain. As you do so, the abdomen will naturally move forward, then hold your breath for a few seconds. Finally let out your breathe completely but slowly and relax your abdomen again. Repeat the exercise until you feel relief. The more often you do breathing exercises, the better your body responds to your breathing and can relax faster. However, a little patience and practice are required at the beginning.

Perfectly combining my tips for period pain

Other relaxation or breathing exercises are also worth it. When practicing yoga I can perfectly combine light movements (tip 4) and mindful breathing (tip 5) to help with managing my period pain.

6. Sustainable period products

Sustainable menstrual products can also help you to experience less menstrual pain. A good start is to use organic period products. This way your body comes into contact with far fewer harmful substances than with regular products. Unlike tampons, menstrual cups do not irritate the vaginal flora. If there is a ‘blood congestion’ in the vagina, this can lead to additional cramps. To counteract this, (cotton) pads or period underwear can be helpful. Since I have been able to avoid conventional tampons and bleed freely for the most part, I experience significantly less pain during my periods.

Is there a correlation between menstrual products and period pain?

How about asking menstruating peoeple in your life which period products they are most frequently using and see if you can find a connection between the intensity of the period pain and the products used. And then tell me about the results – I am super curious!

7. Lavender oil

Lavender is known for its calming and sleep-inducing effects. The scent of the medicinal plant can also have a positive effect on (primary) period pains. For example, I like to apply lavender oil on my face in the evening before going to bed. It would also be great to put the oil in a diffuser or to put a few drops on your pillow. Lavender oil works especially well in combination with deep and mindful breathing. A loving massage of your stomach with the oil can also relieve tension and ease menstrual pain. Simply stroke slowly with both hands in a clockwise direction over the stomach. Apply gentle pressure to your belly.

What are your personal favorite tips for period pain?

How about you you? What helps you? Tell us about your best home remedies and tips for period pain! What food options help you with menstrual cramps? What works best for you? Are there any products that you do not want to miss during your period? Feel free to message us. We look forward to hearing your (secret) tips for a pain-free period. Let’s start a conversation, because we can all benefit from the experiences of others and sharing our knowledge.

Note: In case of severe menstrual problems that interfere with your daily life, a medical examination is important! Our last tip for period pain for you is the following: It is better to rather have medical examination too often than too little! Severe menstrual pain can also be caused by diseases such as endometriosis.

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June 23, 2020
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